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Styled by us, just for you, and following the rule of three, a much-loved design technique used by stylists and designers, these curated bundles feature some of our most loved and most popular styles. We have partnered cushions and throws in easy-to-buy bundles that will deliver the ultimate visual impact in your home.

Perfect for the indecisive, these pre-styled and pre-selected bundles featuring selections of linen, velvet or embroidered cushions, or even 100% cotton throws, will take the pressue off your next style upgrade. Soft to the touch, with plush premium fillings and available in bundles that feature products crafted to perfection; but curated to delight. 

With Weave, why compromise? Enjoy beautiful styles, on trend colours and plush comfort from cushions and throws designed in Australia.  


The Rule of Three implies that objects look better in arrangements of three. Stylists, decorators and designers will often apply this theory when styling rooms and spaces. Stylists assure that when collected in groups of three, styles are more memorable and appealing than in other configurations. Further to this, a mix of the right different fabrics and complimentary colours, the eyes are forced to move around, visually consuming the efffect, and creating a lasting memory.

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