At Weave, our aim is to provide high quality, great value, design-led home accessories and we are always looking at ways to improve our offer and service.

We received lots of feedback on our current polyester inners and our policy that required you to order in boxed pairs, and as a result we have sourced a better quality, microblend inner that is packed with features and benefits for both you, our reseller and your customers.


All New Premium Microblend Inner

The new Weave standard cushion inner is supplied vacuum packed.  Our new inner is higher quality and will improve the look and feel of Weave cushions.  It has the following features:

  • 50/50 blend of microfibre and polyester for a soft feather-like feel
  • Quality 100% Cotton Japara cover
  • Generous 620g fill weight
  • 100% Vegan, Allergy & Odour free
  • Ethically Made in Australia


No more buying in pairs

One of the strongest pieces of feedback we received was that buying cushions in boxed pairs didn't work for you or your customers.  We've listened and from the launch of our AW20 range on 24th February 2020, all Weave cushions (new range and previous ranges) will be available to order in any combination of covers with the accompanying vacuum packed inners.

This means - 

  • You no longer have to order Weave cushions in boxed pairs - single unit orders will be accepted.  So mix and match to create the cushion combination that works for your client or merchandising.
  • Your Weave cushions will be supplied as a cover and separate vacuum packed inners
  • When you order a Weave cushion, the microblend inner is included.  Please note it is noted as a separate SKU on the order.


Can I still upgrade to feather?

Absolutely.  We have sourced a high quality, vacuumed packed feather cushion that meets our ethical sourcing policy:

Our new feather inners are:

  • 100% white duck feather
  • Quality 100% Cotton Japara Cover
  • Generous 1000g of fill
  • Fully certified including - Responsible Down Standard Certificate, Non Live-Plucked Guarantee, BSCI Report, Supply Chain Traceability audit and Cleaning & Sterilisation process for feather/down.

Most importantly when you place an order to upgrade to feather you will no longer receive poly filled cushions AND feather inners, from 24th February 2020 onwards you will only receive the cushion cover and the vacuum packed feather inner.  

Reducing this waste and duplication have allowed us to lower the price on the new vacuumed packed feather inners significantly.  This new product is available from 24th February 2020.


How will the cushions be packaged?

With the shift to vacuum packaged cushion inners we will be reducing the carton sizes which will make transporting and storage much easier.


Do I have to do anything different when I order?

We've made it really easy.  Just order the cushion selection you need for your store or a client and send it through.  

We will automatically send you microblend inners with your cushion selection.  On your invoice you will see the cushion SKU at your wholesale price, plus a SKU for the microblend inner at no charge.


I'd like to order feather inners for my cushions?

Easy.  When you place your order simply specify how many feather inners and which size are required.  As of 24th February 2020 Weave cushions are available in three sizes - 50 x 50cm, 60 x 40cm and 60 x 60cm.  Check the cushion you are ordering to make sure you specify the correct feather inner size.  The new lower pricing will automatically apply.

CZQ55FEAT - Inner Upgrade to Feather 50 x 50 Cushion

CZQ64FEAT -  Inner Upgrade to Feather 60 x 40 Cushion

CZQ66FEAT -  Inner Upgrade to Feather 60 x 60 Cushion

Remember - your feather inner will arrive vacuum packaged together with the cushion cover you specified.


I really like the new feather inners - can I order them to go with other, non-Weave cushions?

Yes, you can order feather inserts separately.  Different codes and price points apply. Call Customer Service for assistance.


Can I get cushions filled for larger projects?

If you have a project requiring more than 32 cushions, we offer a bulk filling service for our Micoblend and Poly inners.  If you are interested in this service, leadtimes and cost, please call either your rep or one of the team in Customer Service.




At Weave, our aim is to provide high quality, great value, design-led home accessories and we are always looking at ways to improve our offer and service.