Posted: 3 February 2021

Valentine’s Day: the day of love and romance. It is a day to celebrate love, friendships and show appreciation to our partners, but what about the one thing that makes us feel safe and relaxed after a big or stressful day? The place that allows you to be yourself without judgement? Your home is your sanctuary, and it is the perfect place to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, with a few warming touches.


So, if you’re wondering how to decorate your room for Valentine's Day, or if you’re rushing with last minute Valentine's Day decorations – pause. We’ve got five wonderful and lasting tips to bring a little love into every room, every day. Satiate your lust for love with beautiful textures and comforting colours that are classy Valentine’s day décor and gifting ideas.


When we think of Valentine’s Day, red is the traditional colour that instantly comes to mind. For something a little different, we love to incorporate and combine other colours, like amber and pink, to give the room a bit of warmth. This adds some fun and playfulness too!


Our Palm Springs collection is perfect to create this look. From gorgeous pinks and blush-toned cushions and throws, to cheerful ambers and corals, Palm Springs has a soft, sweet, romantic colour palette and that is sure to set the mood—especially the sweetness and beauty of new love.

Image Features (Left to Right): Ava Nougat, Piccolo Blush, Como Amber, and Ava Blossom.


Whether you’re listening to soothing music, or watching a heartfelt romance movie, the softness of these cushions will have you feeling at total ease—they’re also comforting to hold onto, especially if you’re feeling a little emotional after a film that’s a tear-jerker.
Get in touch and embrace your soft side with our luxurious soft-touch velvet cushion ranges Ava and Zoe. From an array of colours to choose from, our Blush, Coral, Dusk and Beetroot are must-have Valentine’s Day colours to have on your sofa, or your bed.
Image Features (Left to Right): Ava Blossom, Ava Emerald, and Ava Madder.


If you’re wanting to get a little creative with romance, why not take it to the next level—or down, technically—and have a picnic in the comfort of your own home!

Set the scene with some alluring candles surrounding a soft, comfortable Almonte rug with a Nevis Rose throw to snuggle in, and a couple of Blush Como cushions. Pour a glass of your favourite wine and settle in to enjoy some relaxed DIY romance.
Left Image Features (Left to Right): Ava Seaglass, Ava Madder, Ava Blush, Ava Blossom, and Solano Throw in Amber; Right Image Features: Nevis Throw in Rose.


Pink and yellows not your colour? Spice things up with warming sienna tones. With a luxuriously soft vintage feel, Como Sienna is a classic and elegant staple in any room—the beautiful burnt red looks stunning without being overpowering.


To add a bit of decoration and dimension to the room, we recommend our Solano throw in Spice. It is beautifully soft with a boucle texture, making it perfect for snuggling up on the couch during a cosy night in.


Left Image Features (Left to Right): Ava Ochre, Como Sienna, and Como Lumbar Blush; Right Image Features: Solano Throw in Spice.


After the struggles of the past year, 2021 is the time to spice things up, embrace your loved ones, and fall in love with your home again. These are just a few ideas and trends that may inspire you to create a warm and loving romantic space for this love-filled day, and beyond. Remember that as long as you make it so, this is the year that you, your loved ones, and even your home can feel appreciated.


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