It’s the Year of the Ox: How to include the three most auspicious colours and celebrate the Chinese New Year

Posted: 10 February 2021

Shades of red, aqua, and silver are the luckiest colours to decorate your interiors with for 2021.



Layer up various shades of aqua and teal tones to create a tranquil interior space the Weave Como linen cushions and Nevis 100% NZ lambswool throw (left image) and the Ava velvet cushion in 20 shades (right image)



Using aqua in your home represents freedom, intuition, imagination, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, and confidence. We love using aqua in our ranges as it is a versatile colour that works well with other pastel shades as well as for pairing with stronger variations in green and blue tones as seen in these images. Aqua can vary from being bluer to more green depending on the shade. The colour aqua is also a tranquil colour that is both restful and calming.



Como European linen in Linen, Khaki, and Sienna (right image). Ava cushion in Blossom and Ochre. Como cushion in Sienna and Blush (left image).



Red shades are ubiquitous in Chinese culture and represent happiness, beauty, vitality, good luck, success, and good fortune. In our ranges, we choose deepened tones of burnt red and sienna rather than brighter shades. Using these tones of red adds elements of warmth and sophistication to interior spaces. Red compliments grey, natural tones, and pairs well with black. We recommend using it as a highlight rather than the feature colour in your space.





Granito rug in colour Shale (left image), Ava Cushions in Atlantic, Steel, and Jade



Silver tones are considered glamorous, graceful, sophisticated, and elegant. We love to use silver tones in our viscose floor rugs to imitate tones of marble and minerals. We have silver options in our Zoe Velvet cushion in colour Flint, and our Ava Velvet cushion in colour Steel.




According to astrologers, the Year of the Ox denotes hard work, positivity, and honesty that will be manifested in all of use in the coming 12 months. Until then, enjoy the luckiest and most beautiful colours in your home and surrounds - shop our Year of the Ox Chinese New Year Edit here.

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