Cushions & Styling With Bek Sheppard

Posted: 5 December 2018

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with our brand stylist Bek Sheppard. This talented lady has quickly made her mark in the industry and we've had the absolute pleasure of working with her over the past few years. Bek is a bundle of positive energy with an incredible perspective of the world that is truly intoxicating. We talked about how she became BEK SHEPPARD. What drives and inspires her AND of course, styling tips and tricks with WEAVE. It went a little something like this…


Hey Bek! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us. For those unfamiliar with you and your brand...

Could you tell us a little about yourself?


"Well… I am a Melbourne based stylist and art director. I got my taste for the industry working in sales and studying visual merchandising. This then lead to me assisting a selection of Melbourne stylists to really learn the ropes and get my head around this industry I was so passionate about. After a few months of experience, I took on my first client and they just kept coming! I knew from day one I wanted to own my own business and in 2014 I launched BEK SHEPPARD, a multi-disciplinary creative practice specializing in the curation of identities and bringing brands to LIFE!"



What a summary! Building on from that…

How would you describe your creative style, approach and process?


"I would say, minimal and simplistic. Not overcomplicating things with a meticulous and refined manner. I believe that working in the world of branding, it is ALL about showcasing the product and highlighting its key features. I really enjoy playing with texture, lighting and colour to create exquisite and engaging content that is new and exciting."



That definitely comes through in your work which speaks for itself, simply stunning!

What drives and inspires you?


"I'm inspired by innovation - by constantly seeing, creating and surrounding myself with NEW. I also love the element of surprise and being pushed out of my comfort zone. Working with brands, products and people that are creating new and exciting things. WEAVE for example, when I was approached with the original collection of rugs, throws and cushions, I could not contain my excitement! It was SO different to anything I had ever seen or worked with. Instantly I was inspired, getting straight to work on how I could help bring this brand to life! Other drivers include colour, texture, other stylists, patterns and travel. I love travelling to new and exciting places – there is so much to see, do and learn. I always come back inspired! People are also a huge motivator for me, in a position like mine you are constantly meeting new people with vision, direction and drive and it can be an incredible resource to fuel the creative fire!"



We agree with you there. When you meet the right people and the creativity flows - it is intoxicating and addictive in the best possible way!

What do you love about the WEAVE brand?


"Diversity. WEAVE’s ability to blend, adapt and accommodate almost ANY space. It’s not just a modern and refined range, it has classic touches of velvet, contemporary and trending patterns and textures AND an incredibly diverse palette to play with. Again, I was overwhelmed when I first saw it. The colour combinations, aesthetic and styles you can achieve are countless! I also love how different each collection is. Forever changing and adapting - much like the world around us, yet they have managed to maintain select parts and colours in each range to help build upon the new ones. Most products in today’s world have become extremely disposable and it is terrible! So I really appreciate that WEAVE has taken this fast pace into account when designing their products."


Again, could not agree with you more. We want our products to be treasured and timeless, keeping these elements very high on our design checklist.

Any tips or tricks for incorporating WEAVE into your home?


"If you are starting from scratch, it is EASY! Choosing one or two hero cushions to then work back with complimenting colours and textures associated. If you’re revamping your interior there is a little more thought involved… I would normally start with something heroic in your space. A painting on the wall, a stunning plant, a sculptural piece… whatever it may be, work of it. Use plain and textured cushions that work off your ‘hero’ item to build a nice base then bring in a patterned cushion or two to tie it all together! EASY! Like I said before, the WEAVE range is diverse and adaptable. There is something for everyone to work into any interior with a little thought."



That is sound advice! I'm sure our readers are taking note…

How about styling with pattern, plain and texture?


"THAT right there is the beauty of the WEAVE range! It’s basically done for you. All you need to do is choose two or so patterns and the correlating textures and plains that work off them and you have your look. WEAVE have made it easy to create unique and tailored environments that are bespoke to you and your personal taste.

For example, the Coastal Batik collection. If you pick one of the patterns, let’s say the Haru or Kazu Pigment cushions, you immediately get four colours, a pattern and a beautiful textured finish to play with. From these attributes, choose cushions that compliment these characteristics and build your look. The patterned cushions are very much the ‘convo starting’ type and to really showcase your style, a combination of pattern, texture and plain help do this the best!"



It's true! They definitely work the best in combination, “teamwork makes the dream work” so to speak. AND finally…

What’s your favourite collection(s) from the current WEAVE range and why?


"Ohhh that is a tough one… I am going to have to go with the Tribal Artisan and Coastal Batik collections. Why? Well, the monochrome and neutral hues I quite often use in my work I love experimenting with these tones. They work almost ANYWHERE and they are timeless! Colours can often be very trend driven but this collection is not governed by this ‘rule’ and with its collection of worldly inspired patterns and textures it’s definitely one of my favourite WEAVE ranges. I also have a soft spot for the Coastal Batik collection. It speaks to me on another level as I spend much of my spare time by the water and the colours and patterns in this collection really remind me of these moments. I especially LOVE the teal tones that come through in this range. Can I talk about the new collections too?"



Maybe? Haha! Perhaps a little sneak peek…


"Yes! Well… WEAVE has some incredible new textures, plains and patterns on the way! They've expanded their collection of linen and velvet cushions and they are SO nice! Styling your home with those ‘finishing touches’ even easier and I can't wait for everyone to see them! Stay tuned everyone!"


There you have it folks! A little insight into Bek and the incredible work she has done with us. If you found this post helpful, we would love to hear from you! Leave us a comment and let us know what you would like to hear about. We have lots of posts and interviews in the works and we would love to tailor them around what you want to know more about!


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