Lynda Gardener Styles Weave In The White House

Posted: 25 February 2020

To celebrate the launch of our new AW20 range, we invited the wonderful Lynda Gardener to pick her favourite pieces and style them in one of her very special bespoke accommodations.

Lynda Gardener is a Melbourne-based interior stylist, decorator and collector whose beautiful spaces have graced the covers of local and international magazines. She is known for her distinctive and timeless aesthetic that perfectly balances one-off vintage pieces with modern design:

"I guess mixing of old and new is something I have always done… collecting is just my thing. I have always been a collector and fossicker since I was a teenager and it’s just continued throughout my life… I have always loved the feel of something pre-loved, worn down and aged over time, its romantic in my eyes… I am always seen hovering around a flea market not only in Australia but anywhere I travel around the world, hence having so many one-off finds and loved pieces in all my spaces."

Lynda Gardener The White House

Lynda owns and runs five stunning accommodation properties in the Melbourne city and country Victoria. These inviting homes are filled with her vintage finds and sustainable pieces, and her most recent project Room + Board was built from the ground up.

For Weave's AW20 range, we went back to Lynda's very first accommodation that she renovated 15 years ago: The White House. An original 1850's miners cottage set in the heart of Daylesford, the cosy and dark colour palette lent itself to our latest collection of cushions, throws and rugs.

"For this particular house, I felt I wanted it to feel rather moody and chose black Japan floorboards, moody painted finishes in the bedroom and bathroom and a vintage toile wallpaper in the second bedroom. Something that was timeless and made an impact as soon as you walked into the room/house. The furnishings in the White House are a little darker and mostly original one-off pieces, nothing has been painted over or made to look old, they are all as found… some of the pieces, for example, are from old railway offices - old haberdashery stores to even simpler one-off artworks found at markets and so on."


At the front of the guesthouse are two of the most inviting bedrooms.

"All the bed linen is the best quality so that guests feel special and cosy… I always layer with gorgeous textured new pieces such as the throws and linen cushions, which are an absolute must for me. It enhances the feel and mix instantly." - Lynda Gardener

Lynda has styled each of the bedrooms with our new Como European Linen cushions, Throw Rugs and Lisbon Floor Rugs in complementing colourways. When it came to choosing the inners for the cushions, Lynda chose the feather inserts as she loves the relaxed feel.

"Simple linen cushions - never date, always mix in and always feel relaxed. I loved the tones and colours, they worked perfectly with my interior and the relaxed nature of the house." 

Bedroom 1

The master bedroom has beautiful handmade window shutters made from old doors that open up to reveal the lush garden. Lynda chose a pair of Como Square Cushions in Khaki to put on the bed which brought out the greenery even more.

For this room, Lynda also chose the Lisbon Floor Rug in Seasalt. This versatile design (which you will spy again later in one of the living areas) is handwoven from wool and jute.

The White House Bedroom by Lynda Gardener

On the right-hand side of the room is a collection of Lynda's unique finds including a beautiful hand-printed wallpaper by Deborah Bowness (UK) and a vintage portrait of a woman in a yellow dress. This created a yellow vignette for the Como Lumbar Cushion in Amber and matching Solano throw in Amber - a wonderful example of how Lynda curates different pieces to create harmony in a space. 

"I don't overthink it, to be honest, its very organic and a very natural thing for me just to mix it up… as long as it flows from the front door all the way through to the back door, and collections and colours have been considered throughout, it seems to work beautifully."

Yellow cushions and vintage pieces styled by Lynda Gardener

Bedroom 2

Featuring a toile wallpaper from the US in black and white, this room was perfect for the darker-toned pieces in the Weave AW20 collection. Lynda selected a combination of the Square and Lumbar Como Linen Cushions in the Shadow colourway. On the floor, is our Lisbon Floor Rug in Onyx:

"I loved the softness underfoot, as soon as I walked barefoot over it during the shoot, it had to be mine…..I know guests appreciate these details as much as I do and being a mix of wool and jute was so perfect for this room - not formal, totally relaxed with the perfect stripe to play alongside my black and white toile wallpaper. It just had to stay!"

Black and white moody bedroom

To complete the look, Lynda has styled our cosy Nevis Charcoal Throw on the bed which is made from 100% New Zealand lambswool. After a morning filled with excitement, Lynda's new puppy Finn enjoyed his afternoon snooze all cuddled up on the blanket.

"I think everything at home has been lifted off the floor and popped onto higher safer places until Finn the puppy is not a puppy anymore……he will try nibbling on ANYTHING!!! Everything is a temptation for him and that is not good when you love layers and layers….what a playground for him!!!"

Living areas

The White House is filled with plenty of spaces to wind down and relax - including the open plan living room and cosy library. 

"The rugs are all new throughout the home and again leave a sense of warmth and cosiness. With so many layers in each and every area, it feels inviting as soon as you walk in the door."


The library is the perfect place to relax & curl up with a new book (or favourite cocktail!)

This is one of the moodier rooms in the house, so when Lynda saw the sample of our Bonsai Forest Floor Rug she knew that it belonged in here! The rug’s unique forest-inspired colours were brought out beautifully by the 1930s leather club chairs, leafy green plant and our Como linen cushions. Handwoven with Jute & Wool, the rug's texture worked back with the collection of old books.

Lounge area

In the open plan living area, Lynda has created a beautiful space filled with ex-industrial factory pieces (including a 9 drawer cabinet from old Queensland railways), an old club chair and small finds from her travels. It seemed fitting that our Lisbon rug, inspired by our designer's own travels to Portugal, was styled in this room.

"The White House has collections from all around the world, hasn’t necessarily influenced my design but it has always been filled with small finds from my travels. My new accommodation Room + Board right next door for example - has sketches and artworks from my last travels to Portugal where I visited as many flea markets as I could get to….they are now the feature of the house for guests to enjoy, so yes travels, my interiors are all about special trips, travelling and textures and layers. I love that this range is named and inspired by travel."

Stay at The White House Daylesford

If you are dreaming of a weekend away or mid-week jaunt at The White House Daylesford, you can book via this link. Get cosy in our beautiful woollen throw, cuddle into our Como Linen Cushions and feel the texture of our Lisbon floor rug - all now for you to enjoy at The White House.

A huge thank you to the incredibly talented Lynda Gardener for her inspiring styling of the AW20 range and thank you also to Marnie Hawson for capturing the photos so beautifully.

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