How to Style Velvets in your Home with Nicole from Life Interiors

Posted: 21 August 2019

Following its revival in 2018, the use of velvets in interiors has become synonymous with contemporary design. More and more, we are seeing stylists pairing the soft-touch fabric with minimalist designer furniture to create a balance between warmth and sophistication in the home.

Velvets have always been favoured for their irresistible reflective qualities that look beautiful in any lighting - including darker rooms. With the new generation soft touch velvets being more affordable and hard-wearing, these versatile fabrics are proving popular in both upholstered furniture and decor such as cushions.

We spoke to Nicole Arvela, Senior Buyer & Creative Manager at Weave stockist Life Interiors, about the fabric and how you can style it in your home.

Which velvet colours are dominating in 2019?

The velvet colours that I consider to be dominating in 2019 are; green, in all shades whether it be forest, emerald, olive - customers are just loving them all. Blush is still big, and other warm toned colours such as copper, brass & barley.

Velvet cushion colours

Where are we seeing velvets in interiors?

Surprisingly we are seeing them come through quite a bit across both commercial and residential, such as lush banquette seating in restaurants, to sofas and lounge chairs in residential but I think the most popular application would be to cushions. They are an inexpensive and effective way to add a touch of velvet when you might not wish to have your whole lounge covered in it.

Velvets in the bedroom have been increasingly popular, either used as the headboard or cushions and quilt covers.

Also, velvet ottomans are a great way to introduce velvets without making too much of a statement.

2019 Home Interiors Trend: Velvets

We can see velvets popping up in Life Interiors’ styled spaces in a wide variety of ways. Is there such a thing as too much or too little velvet in one room?

Where is a good place to start? Well, this could be a bit of a controversial question, I think with velvet there is a good chance you will either love it or hate it. It can be quite a strong statement but can be quite subtle depending on the application.

I personally love velvets, but I do think there can be a thing as too much velvet! For example, if you were to get a velvet lounge then I would personally layer up cushions in different fabrics to soften the look, linen and cotton printed cushions can be a great way to do this.

Also if you don't want your whole lounge in velvet you could possibly add a velvet lounge chair for a more subtle statement.

Pink sofa styled with velvet cushions

The other place where velvets have proven quite popular of late is in the bedroom. Velvet is a luxurious fabric and people are loving our velvet beds, especially in Emerald and Blush. There are also a number of amazing Velvet quilt covers and pillowcases out in the market.

My advice would be to either go with the velvet bed and then break up the quilt with a linen or cotton, or have a more simple bed frame fabric and then introduce the velvet through the bedding. Although if you are really adventurous then layer the velvet bedding with the velvet bed frame for a bold statement!

What other materials or fabrics do you think compliment velvets best?

As mentioned briefly above, I personally love linen with velvet, whether it be plain or printed. Otherwise, a simple cotton fabric in a complementary colour can look really strong also. A personal favourite cushion of mine from the Weave collection is the Carlos in a cotton rib fabric, this subtle textured fabric can look fantastic tied back with a velvet lounge or lounge chair.

Velvet and linen couch styling

We are starting to see more and more printed velvets in interiors such as the cushions in Weave’s new Muse and Impasto collections. What is your advice for styling these strong prints?

I am personally loving these printed velvet cushions, they are such a fun and impactful way to add colour, pattern and texture. I think when styling these prints it would be important to first choose your favourite pattern, making sure that the colours tie back in with your space and lounge, and then layer back with some plain pattern cushions, such as the Ava, Zoe or Austin.

For example, if I had a charcoal coloured lounge, I would consider the Impasto Shiraz as my accent piece and then tie back in with the Ava cushion in Moss as a subtle green contrast and then the Austin cushion in Ivory as a paired back linen cushion to add a neutral contrast.

Earth Cushions

With Spring just around the corner, which products from Weave’s Soft Touch & Velvet collections would you pair with products from Life Interiors to create a sense of brightness in the living room?

The first scheme that I have put together is with our popular Bronte 3 seater sofa in cream. In our last campaign, we created a soft earthy space with an accent peach-coloured velvet cushion. To recreate this look with Weave’s new collection I would add in the Ava cushion in Ochre and the Austin cushion in Sand to tie back in with the sofa and create some subtle layered textures. To recreate this look also add in our amazing Norah Coffee table, Holland Armchair and Mitre Rug in Ghost.

Scandinavian Living Room Mood Board

The second scheme is with one of our newest lounges the Memphis 3 seater sofa in Forest Green Velvet. I would then pair back with the Impasto cushion in Shiraz and the Austin cushion in Blossom for a very modern take on pared back luxury. I am loving pink and green at the moment and I think that it’s a great colour combination for those willing to make a statement. Create this look with the Andres floor rug in Sandstorm and our new Ipanema coffee table in Oak.

How to style green sofa

Nicole Life Interiors Creative Manager

Thank you Nicole for taking the time to share your knowledge with us! Be sure to check out a large range of Weave Home products at Life Interiors' showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney.

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