How to style pastels in the home with Norsu

Posted: 2 October 2019

Spring is in the air and we are looking forward to brightening up our homes with the addition of new décor in beautiful pastel hues. We’ve seen more and more pastels in the home with many Australians adopting Scandinavian design principals.

Spring is in the air and we are looking forward to brightening up our homes with the addition of new décor in beautiful pastel hues. we've seen more and more pastels in the home with many Australians adopting Scandinavian design principals – including using light, muted colours.

No one knows how to style pastels better than the girls at norsu, so we reached out to one of the owners Nat Wheeler to hear her top tips for styling the trend.


Your beautiful norsuHOME is filled with pastel accents. What draws you to these shades?

When decorating our home, now fondly referred to as the norsuHOME, we were passionate about creating a relaxed and calm environment where our family could relax and escape to. Life is beyond hectic, so having a space that evokes a feeling of tranquillity was at the top of our priority list.

norsuHOME living roomImage: norsuHOME living & dining area

Colour plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal and our go-to are always pastel tones, as they are creating by mixing in white. To us, light colours feel happy, they lift the mood, they’re inviting…all the feelings we love surrounding ourselves with.

Our home is filled with pale pinks, light greys, soft sage greens, oak timbers and white, and it’s airy and bright achieving ‘that home’ where we love to live.


The pastel trend has been popular for several years now. From what you've observed, how has the trend changed? Are you seeing it used in different ways now than before?

We first opened norsu around five years ago when the love for Scandinavian design had first hit the Australian marketplace and in a big way. Traditionally known as minimalistic and monochromatic, we blended this popular design with our personal love of pastel colour. Quickly we became known for our unwavering obsession of blush pink and grey.

As time has passed, we've experimented with other colour combinations however we're always drawn back to our initial roots and so are our customers. Instead of using different tones, we've seen a trend change in its application. For example, when specifying cabinetry hardware for our clients, we adore pastel powder-coated handles and for the alluring point of difference, for the norsuHOME we dipped our Sussex brass tapware in Dulux Mornington Half blush pink.

norsuHOME bathroom

Image: norsuHOME Bathroom

We have also seen a shift in consumer confidence where our customers are more willing to experiment with colour, this being evident in the amount of blush painted front doors we see continually popping up in our neighbourhood.


What are your 3 favourite colour combos that include pastel shades and why do these work so well?

Blush pink and light grey

We carefully select cooler-toned greys that create the modern Scandi aesthetic and by teaming this with the warmth of pastel pink, together it creates a more homely and welcoming feel.

blush pink and light grey pantone

Terracotta, salmon and muted greens

It’s all about bringing the outside in, these earthy and natural tones create a relaxed and holiday-inspired vibe.

terracotta peach and grey pantone

Sage and grey

This is my favourite combo for boy’s rooms and the palette I selected for my five-year-old son Harvey…the sage green creates such an instant calm ambience.

sage and grey


norsu has a range of beautiful artworks – many of which include pastel shades. What type of frame do you recommend to make the colours truly pop?

At norsu we sell so many beautiful artworks in pastel tones and when it comes to the framing, we predominantly recommend white or natural oak timber frames. Personally, if I can avoid a dark frame, I will! Framing in neutral tones ensures the artwork speaks for itself with the eye being drawn to the artist’s creation, rather the frame.


We'd love to create 3 mood boards with Weave and norsu products. What are your picks for bedroom, nursery and living room?


Bedroom – adult’s retreat layered with texture

Pastel Bedroom Moodboard

Products: Zoe Cushion Eucalyptus  · norsu Cushion in Warwick Fabrics · norsu x The Cullin Design Bedhead made with Warwick Fabrics · norsu Bedside Table · norsu Blanket · norsu Elevator Print


Living room – elegant living room in norsu cool greys and blush pinks

Living Room Pastels Moodboard

Products: Emerson floor rug, Feather · The norsu Sofa · Kimmy Hogan Fine Art Print · norsu Side Table · Behr & Co Round Tray Blush · Behr & Co Brass Vase


Nursery – earthy nursery in muted tones and a touch of natural

Girls Bedroom Pastels Moodboard

Products: Austin cushion, Blossom · Pax & Hart Print · Violet Eyes Print · Devine Design Bookshelf · Honey Honey Creations Balloons · norsu Petal Bedhead

Kirsty & Nat NorsuThank you Nat for taking the time to share your invaluable interior styling knowledge with us and for creating such beautiful pastel themed moodboards. Discover a selection of the Weave Home range at one of norsu's stores in Malvern, Brighton or Hawthorn.

All images featured in this article are of norsuHOME.

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