How to style a Modern Hamptons Home

Posted: 10 September 2019

Hamptons Style has always been a favourite in Australian homes. With so many of our cities sitting on beautiful coastal beaches, the casual elegance of Hamptons interiors compliments our climate and lifestyle very well.

We spoke to Sam from Tailored Space Interiors about the essential elements that make a Hamptons home plus her tips on giving this timeless style a modern Australian twist!

What is your go-to colour palette for Hamptons style homes & why? Any Weave products in this colour palette that you would recommend?

Hamptons style interior decorating is always centred around a neutral, coastal colour palette. When you walk into a Hamptons style home, the first thing you'll usually notice is the crisp white walls and timber floorboards. It’s all about keeping things light, bright and breezy.

Along with the whites and timbers, you'll also find more neutral colours like cream, sand and ivory, complemented by beachy colours like navy and other soft blues. Think about the kind of colours you see at the beach and by the sea - these are the colours that you should be implementing in order to achieve a true Hampton’s feel throughout the home.

Fave Weave products to incorporate into our Hamptons styling would include Carlos Cushion in pigment, the Austin cushions in colours sand, mushroom, denim & ocean as well as the Mitre rug, from the Weave range.

Linen Cushions Hamptons Style

Austin Linen Cushions - Weave Home Photoshoot

Which types of materials, both in terms of furniture & décor, are your favourites for Hamptons style homes?

Another key feature to creating a Hamptons style home is to include furniture and decor in natural textures. you'll want to include organic materials like rattan, wicker, jute, linen and timber when it comes to furnishing your home.

Layering these natural textures will also help to create a sense of warmth and comfort, so don't be afraid to mix and match these materials. Pieces like jute rugs, linen sofas, rattan baskets and timber tables all work well together in a Hamptons style home.

Light and bright hamptons style

Left: Tailored Space Interiors Bedroom styling featuring Weave Cushions | Right: Weave Natural Fibre Floor Rugs

Apart from colour choice and materials, what are other important considerations for Hamptons style homes?

Lighting! Lighting is a huge feature of any Hamptons style home. The more natural light, the better, so steer away from details like heavy draping and instead keep your window treatments as minimal as possible. Exposed windows or sheer cotton drapes work best.

Have you noticed any changes in Hamptons style briefs from your clients in the last few years?

Our interior design clients tend to opt for neutral fixtures and finishes more recently. Years ago we had Hamptons style homes with blue and navy features built into the home whereas now those colours are mainly brought in with accessories and artwork.

Hamptons Couch Inspiration

Tailored Space Interiors styling featuring Austin Linen Cushions

Many of your clients are Queensland based. What are your tips for bringing a touch of the Australian tropics into Hamptons style homes?

The great thing about the Hamptons interior style is that it encourages you to bring the outdoors in! So decorating with fresh or dried flowers and greenery is a must!

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Thank you Sam for taking the time to share your knowledge with us! Be sure to chat to Tailored Space Interiors if you are seeking interior design or property styling services in the Gold Coast. They have a selection of our Weave products in their showrooms and are experts at styling the range.

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