How to choose a winning cushion colour combination

Posted: 6 February 2019

Wanting to incorporate more colour into your home? Cushions are a fun, quick and easy way to transform any room.

“Colour is easily added to any space with the addition of paintings or artwork, rugs and of course the easiest way is with a selection of beautiful cushions. These can be changed up with the seasons to create a warmer environment for winter and a fresher look for summer.” - Jill Flint | The Living Room

Whether you are looking to make a bold statement or experiment with contrasting patterns, we've got the top cushion styling tips to share with you thanks to interior designers Jill Flint & Carrie Deverson.

1. Consider your room’s colour palette

A good place to start is to look around your room at what colours you are already using. Are there two or three colours that stand out to you? Or are there more subtle colours in your furnishings and decor that you would like to draw out more? Use this is a basis for deciding on your colour scheme.

“When mixing colours and patterns I like to find a balance, to pull colours from other decorative features such as rugs and artwork, using one or two bold base colours with a few accent colours thrown into the mix.” - Carrie Deverson | Carrie Deverson Interiors

The most important element of your room to consider is your couch or bed linen’s colour.

Here are some popular combinations that you might like to use:

  • Black: keep it simple with geometric black and white prints.
  • Neutral: draw on Scandinavian design principles by combining subtle prints and soft tones.
  • Beige: lends itself to bright patterns.
  • Grey: anything goes! This is the perfect backdrop to make a statement.
  • Brown/leather: the perfect canvas to create modern contemporary look with contrasting colours
  • Navy: use a sophisticated and rich colour palette to make it pop.

Scroll through our instagram feed @weavehome for some more seriously good colour inspo.

2. How to create a striking a colour balance

Mixing and matching patterned cushions is not only acceptable - it is supremely on trend. Though the thought of choosing a combination of strong prints for your couch or bedroom may seem intimidating, there are some simple rules that you can follow to create a unified look.

Pro tip 1 | Different prints in the same tones look more put-together than not

Graphic Cushion Combos Mix and Match

Even though the WEAVE Ghana Cushion isn't exactly the same geometric pattern as Lesotho Cushion, the similar colourways compliment each other well.

Pro tip 2 | Play with proportion

Pair bolder, more graphic prints together for a combination that's as unlikely as it is stylish.

Pro tip 3 | Combine similar designs with opposing styles

This one is for the thrill seekers! Mixing prints that are similar in design yet are from completely different style camps can create an eye-catching look.


3. Choose colours for longevity

If you are looking for longevity from your soft furnishings there a few colour trends that never fade but ultimately, to ensure that you love your cushion combos forever, it should come down to your personal preference:

“It is important to use colours that clients have an affinity with. Colour is very personal and if the client loves the colour scheme, they will be happy to live with it for a long time. Following trends in colour is great for initial impact, but it can be short lived.” - Carrie Deverson | Carrie Deverson Interiors

4. Important design principles to consider

In the world of interior design there are oodles of different rules for finding the “perfect” colour combination. From the Rule of Three to the 60-30-10 trick, thousands of new colour theories are being created everyday.

As always, rules are meant to be broken! Regardless of whichever colour-selection method you choose to use, the most important thing to consider is the texture of the cushions so that you can create a harmonious look:

“It is important to add different textures such as linen, wool, velvet & silk. Weave’s beautiful knitted cushions like the Miramar and Weave’s Nevis throw all add texture and this will stop the scheme looking bland. Also when using a bolder colour in a monochromatic scheme add deeper hues of the same colour for a beautiful rich effect.” - Jill Flint | The Living Room

5. Here are our favourite cushion combos for your inspiration

The best way to be inspired is to check out how others have styled cushions in their own homes or projects. We reached out to the Weave Home community to find out what their favourite cushion combinations are at the moment.

New Bohemian - Carrie Deverson

“My current favourite cushion combo is the New Bohemian Cushion Collection. I am using some of the pieces in a current project . The designs are versatile, they can sit perfectly in a contemporary or more classic scheme. The rich colours are perfect for “pulling out” the colours from the chosen artwork in the room, therefore creating a balance and flow of colours around the room.” 

Bohemian Collection

Pattern, Floral & Plains - Jill Flint

“Cushions to put together from the stunning Weave collection are endless but try putting a pattern, a floral and a plain together. Then you can just keep adding more! My favourite combo at the moment is the Zoe Velvet in Beetroot and Paloma Cushion in Blush. I also love the Austin Linen in Tangerine and Carlos Cushion in Pigment.” Cushion Colour Combo Warm

Tropical Escape - House of Home

“The Como Linen & Sea Island collections from Weave Home are perfect for Winter as the temperature drops.”

Be sure to explore our Weave Collections to find a wide variety of stylish cushion combinations ready to buy.

With many thanks again to Jill Flint from The Living Room & Carrie Deverson Interiors for sharing their time and knowledge of cushion styling. If you are in Adelaide and looking for an interior designer for your home or business, be sure to get in touch with these experts.

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