3 Stylish Boys' Bedroom Ideas We Love

Posted: 31 January 2020

When it comes to styling boys’ bedrooms in 2020, there is plenty of inspiration out there beyond the classic blues and car themed rooms. From bright coloured velvet cushions to quality rugs that can withstand all of their playtime, there is a wide range of decor at your fingertips that will last you from their baby years to tweens and beyond!

We are excited to share with you three beautiful boys’ bedrooms that are filled with unique and clever styling ideas that will stand the test of time. Thank you to Sarah from The Bear Cub Club and House of Hawkes for including Weave home in these special spaces.

Sunshine Themed Bedroom - for boys who love the outdoors

Boy bedroom sunshine theme

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Styled by the wonderful Sarah from Bear Cub Club for her little boy, Quill, this sunshine themed bedroom is filled with sunny gold tones and tactile wooden accents.

Our Ava cushion in Ochre is one of the key pieces of the bedroom which will last from Quill’s toddler years through to his teens. When styling kids’ bedrooms, it is wise to invest in sophisticated pieces such as velvet cushions, statement lampshades and quality floor rugs to keep forever.

To keep it playful, Sarah has displayed Quill’s toys that complement the sunny colour theme on shelves, mini chairs and wall hooks. As every parent knows, storage is very important in kids’ bedrooms to clear the clutter and make tidy up after play easy. Take a look at the wide variety of rattan baskets Sarah has placed throughout the bedroom to optimise space.

Stargazer Bedroom - for boys who love space

Boys bedroom space themed stylish

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Sarah’s other little boy, Caspi, loves learning about space so she created a bedroom that celebrates his curious mind. The blue stargazer wallpaper was the first thing she decided on for the bedroom which inspired the other decor. To keep the blue theme going, Sarah chose our Ava cushion in Atlantic and Delaney throw rug in Pigment Blue as her “longevity” pieces.

Our beautiful blue cotton knit throw rug is the perfect size for cuddling up in bed while reading Caspi’s favourite bedtime stories - creating a calming atmosphere before sleep. The Delaney throw can be easily machine washed on a gentle and cold cycle so it will last you many years.

Another feature of the room we love is the hanging chair that instantly creates magic! Simply style it up with an assortment of your favourite decorative cushions and favourite toy to complete the look.

Calm with a Touch of Whimsy - for a blissful baby boy nursery

Calm nursery for boys

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Styled by Kathryn and her team at House of Hawkes in Dubai, this blissful baby boy nursery is the perfect example of styling with pieces you already have.

“Our brief was to create a calming space with a fresh colour palette and a touch of whimsy” says Kathryn. She used the client’s cot and feeding chair of her two older boys as the ‘bones’ of the nursery and chose the soft chunky hand woven Emerson rug in Feather to pull the look together.

Kathryn then added some quirky decor to the room to bring a pop of colour and fun to the space - including a vintage wall art print, lion head and modern light fitting. Nothing better than some unique decor to inspire little imaginations!

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