2020 Year of the Rat: Lucky Colours for the Home

Posted: 21 January 2020

To celebrate the beginning of the Lunar New Year we are sharing with you the lucky colours you can include in your interiors to bring good fortune in 2020.

For this guide, we will be drawing on the knowledge of Tung Shing (or Tung Shu) which is the oldest Chinese calendar and is therefore often regarded as the most authoritative calendar for daily use. One of the activities it provides guidance on is the colour affinities from year to year - it is believed that certain colours resonate better with the frequencies of some years, therefore, attract positive energies.

From the 25th of January 2020 to February 11 2021 we will be living in the Year of the Metal Rat. Being the first sign in the Chinese Zodiac sequence, the Year of the Rat promises new beginnings and creates an environment where well-planned projects will deliver great satisfaction (this is good news if you are commencing a renovation or decor overhaul this year!)

With this in mind, we present to you the five most auspicious colours for the year and our tips on how to style them in your home.


2020 lucky colours for the house

Before we jump into the guide, it is important to note that when it comes to styling each of these colours in your home that it is important to not go overboard.

When a colour is used too much in one space, its energy becomes excessive and can lose its positive benefits. A great way to avoid this is by incorporating these colours through decor items such as throws or cushions.


White: for relaxation

Year of the rat lucky colour white 2020

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In Chinese astrology, there are five elements that are viewed as an influential force on the frequencies of the year and its corresponding zodiac sign. The ruling element for the Year of the Rat in 2020 is White Metal.

Usually white is strongly associated with building positive business relationships, which is why 2020 is predicted to be a prosperous year for many. The colour white is also known for giving you a sense of calm and peace.

Incorporating white shades into your home decor will help to create a light and bright atmosphere making it a relaxing environment for winding down at the end of a workday. The addition of white to your home through decor such as cushions or floor rugs will also bring good health to those who live there.


Yellow: to grow your intelligence and creativity

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The Year of the Rat is all about new beginnings, but as the Tung Shing calendar warns it is important that all projects you undertake this year must be well planned in order to succeed. For this reason, Yellow is a lucky colour in 2020 as it will bring you a sense of stability and patience.

Yellow shades are also known to inspire creative thinking and higher levels of intelligence. Our Graphica collection is filled with gorgeous mustard yellows including our best selling Nevis Throw which is perfect for dreaming up new ideas on the couch!


Green: to energise your success

2020 lucky colour green

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A year filled with new beginnings and projects requires healthy growth which is why the colour green is especially auspicious in 2020. A great colour this year for almost all of the animal signs, decorating with the colour green in your home will reduce stress and allow for rejuvenation of your energy levels.

Jade green, in particular, is a strong shade in 2020 as it creates a sense of harmony and balance. Wearing jade jewellery will be a popular custom this year and you can bring this positive energy into your own home with the addition of our Ava Jade cushion.


Blue: to bring change

2020 zodiac blue lucky colour

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For many signs in the zodiac, the Year of the Rat will be a turning point in their lives. The colour blue is strongly associated with the value of trust which is why it is an important shade in 2020, enabling you to open up with enthusiasm and harmony.

Blue also happens to be Pantone’s Colour of the Year so there will be plenty of contemporary styling ideas at your fingertips for this lucky colour. Our Sea Island and Impasto collections feature many blue cushion designs that will help to create positive energy in the home.


2020 lucky colours for your zodiac

If you really want to feel the positive energy this year, here is a quick guide to which colours will be in harmony with your specific zodiac animal according to the Tung Shing calendar.

  • Rat: Pink and yellow
  • Ox: Pink and cream
  • Tiger: Grey and purple
  • Rabbit: Pink and yellow
  • Dragon: Red and Grey
  • Snake: Yellow, blue and coral
  • Horse: White, silver and vanilla
  • Goat: Grey, blue and black
  • Monkey: Yellow and pink
  • Rooster: White, silver, pink and blue
  • Dog: White, yellow and red
  • Pig: Yellow

No matter what colours you choose, we wish you every good fortune in 2020 and a Happy New Year!

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