How to style 2020's biggest interior design trends in your home

Posted: 1 January 2020

Can you believe it? Another year has passed and we are into a new decade already. The start of this millennium’s roaring 20s promises splashes of colour, delicious textures and more environmentally conscious design in Australian homes.

As the shift towards a more sustainable way of living continues, we at Weave Home are excited to join you on your journey of making purchases for your home that will be treasured for many years.

In this guide, we will be sharing how you can adopt the principles of 2020’s most influential interior design trends when styling your home for the new year. With longevity in mind, we hope to inspire you to incorporate these ideas in a way that compliments your existing decor and individual style.

Pantone Colour of the Year: Classic Blue

classic blue

Pantone is known worldwide for providing the “universal language of colour”. Every year, since 1999, the Pantone Colour Institute selects the Pantone Colour of the Year which is adopted and used by brands globally in their design strategy for that year.

In December, Pantone announced that 2020’s Colour of the Year is 19-4052 Classic Blue. The Institute attributed this choice to the current feelings of uncertainty felt by many around the globe, therefore felt a colour that provides “trust and faith” was the most appropriate.

Instil the calm, confidence and connection of Classic Blue in your own home with the addition of new cushions or throws that hero the shade. Our top picks include the cushions from our Sea Island collection and the Ava velvet cushion in Atlantic.

Opt for a tonal colour palette


We expect to see more interiors adopting a colour palette where tonal variations are being used together.

In recent years, variations of earth-toned neutrals have been very popular for those seeking elegance, calm and simplicity in their homes. In 2020, expect to see other combinations such as:

  • Soft mint green with a darker forest green
  • Soft pale pink with a darker terracotta shade
  • Rich golden yellow tones with softer coral shades
  • Tobacco and rust tones paired with black and white

This style of decorating will evoke a sense of harmony in your home. When selecting pieces for a tonal colour palette, seek contrasting textures to create visual interest. For example, pair our Austin linen cushion in soft Jade green with our darker Moss green velvet Ava cushion.

If you are still looking to incorporate darker tones in your home, non-black blacks are the way to go! We are seeing more brown in design as customers are looking to bring elements of nature inside. Seek cushions in colours such as Mushroom, Ecru and Tar.

Natural fibres - the material of choice

Natural fibres 2020

Following the narrative of sustainability, 2020 is the year to be more aware of what products are made of before you buy.

Choosing decor made from natural fibres provides you with a wide range of practical benefits. It is important to do research into the different types of materials available to determine which one is the best fit for your needs. For example if looking for a natural fibre rug, jute is typically free from chemical processing however it is not as soft underfoot as the other natural fibres.

Further, incorporating natural materials such as wool, timber and greenery has a strong calming effect on a space. Layer them together to create more texture and add depth to the room.

An emphasis on good craftsmanship

Craftsmanship interior design

Appreciation for craftsmanship, authenticity and understated beauty in interior design has had a big comeback.

In the age of social media, we are invited into the world of our makers and are able to learn more about the value of their craft. From artisan-made flatweave rugs to custom-made dining tables, such investment pieces will be loved for a lifetime.

If you are buying a hand-crafted product from overseas, be sure to check that no one has suffered in its creation. The rug weaving industry, in particular, is not known for its ‘ethical’ practices so we recommend checking for stamps of reputable organisations on the product labelling. For more tips, read our article about what makes a rug ‘ethically’ produced.

Individuality & maximalism

individuality and maximalism interior design

In 2020, you are encouraged to create a rich, layered aesthetic filled with texture and hues inspired by your travels. Think contemporary bohemian!

We are so fortunate to have such a vibrant and diverse global tapestry which can provide fantastic historical and cultural reference points for your interior decor. Whether it is the geometric structures found in modernist Bauhaus architecture or the rich ethnic patterns of the far east, opt for statement pieces that reflect who you are both as an individual and global thinker.

In the Weave collection, we have many prints inspired by our design team’s travels which may spark your own memories. For example:

At the end of the day, it is important to choose products that reflect you as an individual to ensure that you will treasure (and keep!) forever. Switching out cushions or a new throw is both a cost-effective and more sustainable way to incorporate new trends into your home decor whilst maintaining your distinctive style.

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