A Mother’s Way

Posted: 21 April 2021


We get nostalgic with four friends of Weave, sharing their Mother’s Way and their favourite ways to add comfort and a mother’s touch to your home.


Left: Angus Martin in his Sydney studio. Right: Lustrous Nova in Tapioca, Rhubarb and Rosewater.


Angus Martin

Angus Martin, Sydney-based artist, had instilled from a young age how colour and scent can affect your mood and energy. Growing up, his mother always had essential oils burning, which has become a daily ritual for him.

‘I always paint with oils burning, and sometimes add these to the paints. If I am painting a personalised artwork for an anniversary or a special gift, I like to add a few drops of Ylang Ylang Oil to the paints as it symbolises passion. Once framed, you can’t smell the oil, but it’s nice to know the painting is infused with an added layer of meaning.’

Angus uses scent and colour to bring life to spaces in his home and boost mood. Layering texture and colour on a bed or couch will achieve this. The Nova cushion with its bold colour and lustre is inevitably emotive and enlivening.

His piece titled ‘Veiled by the Brightside’, where his mother is his muse, shows a strong female figure in a confident pose looking up and forward — radiating positivity and poise.

 ‘The hair acts as a ‘veil’ across one of the eyes which symbolises always looking at the bright side of life, whilst always keeping your head up and looking forward to the future. The figure is half coloured in which represents creating your life and not worrying about having everything ‘together’.’


Left: 100% NZ lambswool throw, Nevis Spice with Dali Spice and Verso Berry cushions.  Right: Meg Sinclair in the Weave design studio.


Meg Sinclair

A stickler for a well-made bed, Meg Sinclair designer at Weave, remembers her mother laboriously ironing sheets, as this was mandatory to achieving that well-made look.

‘To this day, I love visiting my parents and going to bed in their spare room in a luxurious set of bed linen and a beautiful wool throw to snuggle up with.’

Layering cotton and linen bedding with a natural fibre throw such as 100% cotton Solano or 100% NZ lambswool Nevis, adds warmth and an element of luxury to the bedroom.



Left: Cam Warwick  Right:  Our hand painted botanical Nopi brings the outside in, layered with Nevis Camel throw, Nova Spice, Tatami Spice, Como 60cm Clay and Dali Spice cushions.


Cam Warwick

An appreciation of bold colour, pattern, layering and classic interiors with a modern twist have influenced Cam in both his work and own personal style.

As joint Managing Director of Warwick Fabrics, parent company of Weave, Cam’s mother’s interior style influence has shaped design decisions in his own home as well as professionally.

‘Mum also instilled an appreciation of traditional English gardens, and the importance of incorporating the external landscape with interiors’.

References to the outdoors can be bought inside simply with artwork, prints or fresh flowers. Our hand painted abstract floral Nopi cushion, is a nice addition to your sofa that will bring pattern, warm colour and a hint of botanical to your indoor space.


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